Fixed Deposits

Our clientele since 1979

  • Unit Trusts & Fund Management companies, Corporates, Associations, Trusts & Partnerships, Clubs & Organizations, Citizens both domiciled and overseas, as well as permanent resident Individuals.

Click below to download your application form; duly complete, scan and email to

Application Form

Each application will receive a printed Fixed Deposit Certificate, and renewed certificate ONLY upon surrender of the previous certificate.

Transfer of monies

  • Deposit in cash or cheque at any of our branches or head office.
  • Request for collection at your residence or business premises in Sri Lanka for sums of Rs. 10 million and above.
  • Deposit or online transfer to any Bank account in Sri Lanka by obtaining our account details at such Bank of your choice.
  • Via VISA or Mastercard, please email us on for a secured path if not coming in person.

The table below indicates rates of interest presently applicable.

  • Interest may be earned either Monthly (MON) or at Maturity (MAT)
  • If on a MON basis, it may accrue in a Savings a/c at Sinhaputhra or at any nominated Bank account in Sri Lanka.
  • SENIOR citizens (Aged 55 years and over) are entitled to request upto a maximum of an extra rate of 1% per year.
  • All rates are mentioned in Annual Effective Rates (AER) for comparison of effective yield under each category.

Withholding Tax

2.5% of the gross interest irrespective of the quantum of deposit - applicable to all depositors who are under 60 years of age.

Joint Deposits

If a joint depositor is below the age of 60 years then he/she is taxed on his/her half share of interest.

Can depositors obtain Temporary Refunds (Soft loans) against their deposits?

Yes-up to a limit of 70% of the Capital depending on the pattern of the deposit - Interest monthly or at maturity.

At what rate of interest can the Temporary Refunds (Soft loans) be obtained at?

5% per year over and above the rate on the pledged deposit.

Other facilities

  • Confirmation of balances for Visas and any other purpose.
  • Bank Guarantees and allied Guarantees given for Loans, Hire Purchase and Lease Facilities. Conditions Apply.

Monthly remittances to Banks

On account of MON deposits, remittances to nominated banks will be notified via SMS/Email unless specifically requested to do so by regular mail.


Can be made at maturity. If withdrawn pre maturely it will be subject to a reduced rate of interest.

Renewals & renewal notices

Renewals are sent prior to maturity subject to the rates of interest and conditions prevailing at the time via SMS/ Email or regular mail if specifically requested.

FREE Services

Deed work by in-house lawyers for transfers of bare land, houses and property will be undertaken, if a sum of Rs. 10 million or more in proceeds are deposited for 1 or more years. Valuations, Title searches, and Stamp duty to the government will be charged at cost.

A friendly and caring staff are always at your service.

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