Agreement for Sinhaputhra Online Wallet

Terms, Conditions and Indemnity

request you to grant and afford me accommodation and provide me with an internet banking service to utilize my Savings account funds at SFL (hereinafter referred to as "Online Wallet") to be used by me in relation or connection to any account opened by me of what so ever nature (hereinafter called as "my said account/s”) and also to provide the facilities available with SFL attached thereto at present and from time to time, and do hereby agree to comply with and to be bound by all of SLF’s prevailing rules and regulations and/or terms and conditions and/or procedures for operations, services and transactions and by those which may from time to time come into operation hereafter including the variations and modifications thereof and/or other facilities provided by SFL to me , which I shall acquaint myself with from time to time and which may be communicated to me in any manner now or hereafter including those displayed in the web site www.sinhaputhra.lk and/or those communicated via SFL being agreed that such varied and /or modified terms and facilities shall form an integral part of this agreement.

agree and confirm that all User Identification Numbers (User ID’s) and passwords related to and connected to my said account/s shall be created by me without any involvement or influence of SFL and that the passwords User ID’s and all other confidential information personal to me created by me in relation or connected to my said account/s shall be kept in my sole possession at all times and in strict confidence and that under no circumstance shall the same be divulged or delivered possession of or otherwise parted with possession of by me to any other party, and that under no circumstance shall I hold SFL responsible or liable therefor in consideration whereof I do hereby indemnify and hold SFL saved and harmless from and against any losses, charges, suits, claims, expenses and damages that SFL shall or may be caused, sustained, incurred, or suffered by reason of such disclosure, dispossession or delivery whether voluntary or otherwise.

I have read and understood the forgoing and agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions and the Indemnity


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